iPad as universal aviation tool?

Flying an affordable Light Sport Aircraft, saving by burning MoGas instead of Avgas?
All good, but when do you start thinking about your Garmin GPS?

Don't get me wrong, I am impressed what already the small 496 offers in functionality. 
And a pilot friend latey bought a 696, being very happy.
However, when I started flying in Panama, a lot of airstrips were just not existent in Garmin's database and is not today.

Time is running out for dedicated navigation gadgets on the road.
Time is running out for dedicated EFBs, a not so old category. 

Time has come where excellent but affordable multi-purpose gadgets take over more and more specific functionality.
Speaking about iPad, it's amzing what this device can turn into with Foreflight, Hilton Software or wat's offered at http://www.dixdouze.com/xample.

Working with a big, HD screen, you just don't want to get back to a smaller one.
And pay double or three times more.   

Not speaking today about the sophisticated Garmin GTN family, IRS and WAAS approved. 
Speaking about VFR in General Aviation.

Manufacturers may reconsider soon, offering basic avionics, and the pilots add an iPad.


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