Panama from FL55
The Panama Canal in September 2013  >>
An ideal leisure aircraft
Autogyro or gyrocopters have become an attractive and affordable flight gear, more for exploring than for travelling. Side-by-side seating seems to provide ultimate comfort.  >>
Working on the intersection between street and air traffic. We're looking along the new Panamerican Highway, as it goes underneath the runway of new Rio Hato International Airport.  >>
PANAVIACION - Welcome to the world of affordable flying.
General Aviation landscape is changing by the advent of a new category of technically advanced Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). It's much more affordable now to become a pilot, to fly and even to own a plane, or a part of one. Don't think you can afford it? Keep reading. We'll convince you. You want it. You deserve it. You can afford it. You'll get it.  >>

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