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General Aviation landscape is changing by the advent of a new category of technically advanced Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). It's much more affordable now to become a pilot, to fly and even to own a plane, or a part of one. Don't think you can afford it? Keep reading. We'll convince you. You want it. You deserve it. You can afford it. You'll get it.
Here's what's new in economy, comfort and safety:

Extra-light carbon fibre body and two seats means unmatched economy.
Purchase price and operation costs less than half of conventional 4-seaters.
Burning as less as 5 gal/h of Autogas, taking you places.

Cross-country capability with a spacious cabin (49" wide), latest glass cockpit (Dynon, Garmin), speed up to 120kt and up to 6 hours of flighttime.

Glide ratio of 8.5:1, which translates into a range of 17 km out of 6.000 ft altitude.
The NEAREST airport function in the built-in Garmin 496/696 GPS will show the way at a fingertip.   

And a parachute is included as lifesaver, just in case.  www.brsparachute,com

Beside affordability, these aircraft can be registered in the ultralight category, with less bureaucratic and health requirements. Read more

This Website is all about flying and owning a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA).
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