Building hours the cheap way

Students aiming for CPL and ATPL license have to build hundreds of hours of flight time. There is a way to do this cheap.
Building hours the cheap way
FAA rules do not have many restrictions in what aircraft hours are flown. So many US student pilots are using Light Sport Aircraft for this. Nowadays this category has glass cockpit and autopilot as the big ones but give a much better feeling how an aircraft is behaving in different situations. 

The good thing is that these planes, like our FlightDesign CTLS are flying with Mogas 95 instead of Avgas, and not burning more than 5 gallons per hour, while travelling 100 knots. Currently this results in US$12 fuel costs per hour only. Hard to beat, isn't it? 

So why not consider a Light Sport Aircraft like FlightDesign CTLS for building flight hours?
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