RotorVox - a luxury gyrocopter

While it turns out that much-hyped electric planes will not cover more than half hour of flight time for a while, gyrocopters are becoming a preferred personal transportation vehicle.
RotorVox - a luxury gyrocopter
While former models have lacked space and comfort, RotorVox is going to change this. The German brand has developed and is delivering their C2A model with a spacious and luxury cabin with unrestricted views. The luxury approach has been working out perfectly for Cirrus planes in the past. 

In fact, cabin space is so abundant that even a medical transport version is available. 

Back to personal use: 
Gyrocopters are safe because autorotation, a life-saver for helicopters, is their permanent mode of operation
Gyrocopters with 2 seats and cabin have a price tag between $100,000 and 200,000 - much less than a helicopter 
Gyrocopters are affordable, with 1/10 of maintenance costs of a helicopter and burning not more than 5 galons of Mogas per hour.
Gyrocopters don't need longer take-off distance than 100 ... 150 meters and come to a full stop between 10 and 50 meters. 
Gyrocopters are less sensitive to wind, which means more safety and passenger comfort. 
Gyrocopters are ultra-light category, so getting a license is easy and affordable.

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