Take a look at SYNERGY and become their 'backer'

This is another exciting aircraft concept. And they need you to get the prototype ready.
Take a look at SYNERGY and become their 'backer'
With their own words: "Half futuristic sailplane, half fighter jet, the roomy five-seat Synergy aircraft is the first example of an exciting new technology for fast, roomy, fuel efficient airplanes. Harmonizing six proven technologies for drag reduction at low cost, including Laminar Flow, Wake Propulsion, Open Thermodynamics, and Subsonic Area Ruling, Synergy achieves both high speed and low induced drag in a structurally robust, lightweight form."

Here is a lot of information about this project:  portal.sliderocket.com/AEERL/Synergy-Brief
To have a prototype ready to fly at Oshkosh, the people from Synergy need some decent funding.
So you may consider the kickstarter link on their Website www.synergyaircraft.com.  
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